One in three LGBT+ individuals in Greece say they have been insulted due to their sexual orientation and/or gender identity at least once by public sector employees, while 6% say they are often or always subjected to outright verbal abuse, according to an online survey tracking the experience of members of LGBTQI at public sector services.

Sorgente: Public sector bias suggested in LGBT+ poll

DUBLIN — Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has accused the main opposition Sinn Féin party of defending homophobic, sexist and racist attitudes within its ranks. Tensions between Varadkar’s centrist Fine Gael and the nationalist Sinn Féin have repeatedly flared in recent months as the two compete for first place in public opinion polls. “If you’re an opponent of Sinn Féin and you’re gay, or you’re mixed race, or you’re a young woman, that’s fair game.

Sorgente: Ireland’s Varadkar accuses Sinn Féin of defending homophobia, racism, sexism

Peer found to have bullied security guard and three MPs, including using homophobic language A peer who verbally abused a parliamentary security guard and called an MP who complained about it a “queer” is facing suspension from the House of Lords for at least 18 months following a report by a conduct committee.

Sorgente: Lord Maginnis faces 18-month suspension for homophobic bullying